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Film, Video and AI Production Investments & Management

Analytical Artistry and Coin Mining Model Investments & Management

Curating the Curated

With so much art and video content being produced, it's easy to find kitschy art in any form, but difficult to find quality. Finding a work of art, whether it be a fine oil painting, a manuscript or beautiful code, which is produced by a true artisan, who creates distinct works is not as easy as it may seem, and that pursuit, that search for the highest quality is our passion. Our goal is to find the artists, one at a time, who produce one of a kind content and methods that is unique in not only its genre but unique in the world. Curated by the team at Gadalya, where we know that more is not always better, it's common. We look for the unique artist and their unique talents.


People and Creativity

We invest in people and companies who have the drive to create great art in all of its forms. We look at the possibilities of what you are trying to do and how we can make sound investments in helping you get there. Our track records speaks for itself, and with the changes in AI technology, we are going full ahead with new investments in this world changing technology.    

Image by Jakob Owens


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How we stack up to the markets

Our diverse portfolio changes with the times, with a larger segment now going into Technical AI and video productions, always looking for the people who will drive the future markets.       


Gadalya was founded on the premise that quality in form is true art. Control over the medium, control over the feeling one gets when the work is viewed and control over the language when put into production, is the gift a true artisan provides. Gadalya does not represent hundreds of artists and thousands of works. Here you will find quality, one artist and one company at a time. Our job is curating a truly talented artist or startup and invest in their work, with a critical eye that is based on the skill of the artisan and not the hype of the day.

We have one mission statement

"We provide curation for unique works of art, artists, design and mathematical models with a critical eye that is based on the skill of the artisan and not the hype of the day."


We are a diverse group of engineers, programmers, artists and dreamers. We have spent our lives ensuring the work we do matters. Each project has value and each person we work with becomes part of our family. Our management team has years of enterprise business experience and each person brings their best to the table. 

Marlene - Crypto Farming

Kent Stern

Kent - Director Investments

Katheryn - Fine Art

Olivia - Fine Art Acquisitions

Aly - International Sales


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